Monday, January 30, 2012

Here is the house that we built....

Continuing on from my previous post, allowing you visions into my life, I have put together a little collection of photos showing a little of what we went through last year in building our family home.

 Take a 1950's blonde brick home with multiple add ons, knock down 7/8ths of it, chuck in a pool and Voila! you know have a somewhat modern, reasonably functional family home. Our builder has been awesome, nothing was ever too hard. And being first time builders, there was a lot of hand holding needed. As renovation and building go, we were very lucky! TOUCH WOOD!!!

WARNING: House is still not finished. Landscaping, interior decorating and water to fill the pool cost money...something that we are running a little short on (hahaha, no, actually this summer's La Nina has totally screwed us. I will post final photos when we are done.)
Day one of the Demolition March 2011

The back of the house going on.
Miss S on the pool edge

Visiting when it was like this was amazing! So open and high. When the roof went on, it kind of made the house too enclosed. Wasn't disappointed for long.
Miss E sitting in what will become our master bedroom
here's a house with a wall, with a wall.

Two car garage with internal access! No more wet dash to the house in the rain!

The light changes in this room at every minute of every day

Original front gate, being kept at my request

And we get a roof, and glazing!

Finished Kitchen

My first open plan kitchen! LOVE!

Infinity edge pool, nearly done. thank god it has been a non existent summer!

Still in progress, but we are home.

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