Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Seasons come and Go

Whether your Summer is leaving or just arriving, it is very important to acknowledge what she is all about. This is how I see Summer, with its impending arrival (or departure, depending on where you are in the world).

Winter is harsh and cold; he is rough and really pulls at your nerve endings. Don’t get me wrong: I like Winter; I enjoy hugging myself and being inside thanking whoever for what I have, which is what Winter makes you do. And outside on a cold Winter’s day the sun warming my back. Spring and Autumn really don’t matter at all. They are shoulder seasons, in place to warm you up or cool you down.  But Summer is wonderful.

Summer gives you the opportunity to see the future. She is bright days, vivid colour and temperature. Sometimes too much heat…way too much heat- there has been many who just can’t handle it. But I can. In fact I run with it. I find that Summer’s energy ignites my own and together we are unstoppable. The experiences Summer and I have are incredible. Why does this stuff happen to me? Is it the Summer effect or that the two of us are simply an amazing match? It doesn’t seem to affect others as it does me. The sunny days, the too many drinks and the constant buzzing fits me well.

With Summer I am proud of myself. I find I laugh more, mostly at myself. I have so much more confidence and allow myself to breathe. People think I change around Summer, not for the good or bad; just that I am different. I say correct. I do change. Summer makes you change. She helps you question. Summer enables you to look at the world in a different way. And the reason she needs to come and go is so that she can affect more people in this way.

Summer is infectious. Whoever you are you cannot help but be swept up in her cool breezes and hot waves. Many don’t understand the attraction: it’s too much, too full on. But not me. Summer to me is comfortable, a match to my own personality; sometimes hidden under all of the stuff of my Spring and Autumn. There is positivity, a hope that all will be rosy and peaches and perfect. Of course this is not the case, and sometimes there are rainy days with Summer. But that is okay. It gives Summer depth, dimension. Summer is most definitely not one dimensional. 

Summer is pretty and feminine. Floaty dresses, bubbles in your champagne. Pink lips and sparkles. Summer allows you to be childish. Getting too much sunshine or driving around with the roof off sining too loud to daggy old songs, she gives you the oppourtunity to do this. Staying up late, zinc on your nose, slip and slides. Summer loves being on the water, but being away from the sea, She shines just as brightly.

As a child I was never sure why Summer had to leave each year. I never understood. Now I can see Its okay for Summer to go. By letting her go, you learn to understand and appreciate what you have; the awesomeness in the light. And before you know it, She will be back again: bringing bright days and warm hearts, vivid colour and life changing experiences. Again too many bubbles, too much chatter and overwhelming awesomeness. And sometimes, Summer can happen in Winter.

Many of you already know of this Summer and all of Her too much. To those of you who are yet to meet Summer, breathe it in and just go with it: She will take you places and It will be the journey of your life!

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