Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cheers To Sunday

Here's to Sundays. Sunny, not a cloud in the sky Sundays. Sundays that start at 7am (?) with "cuggles" in bed with all four of us (thank god we have a king size bed!!). Breakfast as usual and then washing! Heaps of washing. When it has been a rainy week, it's can be whole week load of washing. Hung out on the line to dry. Flapping in the breeze. My mum once confessed  that she found sheets hanging on the line, drying in the breeze very satisfying....I concur. I thought she was crazy way back when I was a me, but good is it!!

One down for a morning sleep. The other having Daddy time doing our weekly shop. I should mop, vacuum or at least attempt to do something domestic, but no. This is nice Sunday time. Sunday time when my sweetheart can be busy, but I get to relax...aaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

Feed one and off we go. Here's to Sundays that have been booked up months in advance with BBQ's and parties and general social occasions. Cheers to Sundays that weren't booked up until the last minute (even if it was a sneaky "invite ourselves" arrangement). Seeing old friends. Old friends who get better every time you see them. Meeting new friends and sharing their happy news: New houses, new jobs, babies? Doing laughable themed gatherings. Mexican Sunday. Bogan Sunday. Seafood Sunday. Days that may be fleeting, but will last in our minds for ages. Long enough to regale the tales of fun with Miss S and Miss E when they are teenagers as my parents do with us. Days that barely have serious conversations, instead joke after joke after one liner after one liner. Happy news shared on the balcony. And such a damn fine balcony it is. Sunny. Overlooking a clean, inviting pool and a leafy happy neighborhood. There may be inappropriate comments and well meaning morons...but that makes us love these days (and gentlemen) even more. You know it has been a good day when Miss S is asleep in the car before we have left the suburb. When Miss E giggles quietly in the back. When hubby drives home with a slight sunburnt glow and when I have a stupid grin on my face remembering some of the fun. You know it has been a good Sunday when the bottle bin is overflowing.

And so the day is nearly over. Home to bed for the girls and a recorded "Hey Hey it's Saturday" for us....Hang on. It's Sunday. The best way to start a working week. Here's To Sunday xxx

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