Thursday, November 18, 2010

One of "Those" Days

So often, I read articles or blog posts about how "today was one of those days". A day that is trying, to say the least. For me that is Miss S doing absolutely everything that i don't want her to. I find that these days are specifically when I am tired, sick, hungry, cranky....(hhhhmmmmm, I wonder if it is her or me??). Then add to the mix, the odd occasion where Miss E has the cranks too. Arggh!!! Yes, those days are hard. But today, no. Today. They. Were. Perfect. I had a wonderful day with my girls today. Again, Spring turned on a beautiful morning. With promises of bird watching, park playing and even feeding the geese, we rushed out the door first thing.

So instead of bitching about my day, I am going to praise it. Today I felt like a good mum. Today I felt like all the hard work and lack of sleep and added kilos was worth it. Today was like music. Harmony and licks and that funny little "ahah-AHAHAH-ahahah" thing that Mariah Carey does. Why? I don't know. Not any one thing or person. Just one of those days where you get out bed feeling like you have slept for ages. I got up way earlier than usual (normal time for my wonderful husband) and  I ironed one of his shirts. Maybe I had such a good day because it started with a good deed (Good theory...I might try it again tomorrow)? The girls slept til they were meant to and we had a snuggle before it was time to get moving. Breakfast went down without a hitch, washing went on and we were gone. No traffic...not much anyway. and singing variations of "Baa Baa black sheep" (We got to "Baa Baa Miss S Blue sheep...." Dont ask!) Totally not stressful. And then, once we arrived at the park, Miss S walked next to the pram so beautifully through Woollahra, she played most beautifully with her cousin and was full of ""yes mummy" and  "I love you mummy" 's all day. I was lucky enough to have in my care the most pleasant, happy, cheerful and obedient 2 year old and 7mth old

Anyway, my point is ...actually, I don't really think I have a point. I think this is merely an ode to our day. Perhaps this day was sent to make me realise that "Godammit" I have done something right as a mum!  Perhaps it appeared to show me that those days really are actually all of my making and all in my head. Me with Three promises to breathe when I am tired or cranky and look at the good the girls are doing instead of the bad. Me with Three will sing "Baa Baa Pink Sheep" continuously just to hear giggles coming from the back seat. Me with Three vows to start everyday with a good deed. Perhaps that will work. Me with Three will start having more of these days and hopefully less of those days.

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