Monday, October 14, 2013

A change is as good as a ...

Time to move on.

I am starting over. No longer Me with Three, but now we're raising Three Little Me's.

Yes, that is right. We have a new addition and I'd like yo to come over and see what we are up to now.

I am planning on sharing more views and opinions in the new posts and want your input every step of the way. I am doing a little work in social media and am thinking I will share a little of what i learn along the way. Of course, as is the title, the page will focus on the antics of my three minis

If you aren't going to join us, thankyou for your time and for your support. It was and still is greatly appreciated.

Oh, and if you are coming over, I'd like you to complete the above sentence. What does a change feel like to you?