Thursday, November 4, 2010

And so we begin....

Inspired by another blogger, friend and all round talented lady, I begin spilling. I have read countless blogs/journals/posts about mums and their lives with their children and their children themselves and I love it! I love reading about the funny things they say and do and laughing at the computer and nodding...totally relating to everything that is written as mine do the same. And I wanted so bad to create a blog that explored my life with my daughters and my husband, but instead, I decided to make this more of a diary of me. Me With Three. Me with three beautiful people relying on me daily. What I'm like and what I think while relying on them, and loving them. You will have to excuse any grammatical mistakes or even spelling. I may contradict myself sometimes and be outspoken. But that is me. That didn't change when I became a plus one, two and then three. Does that even make sense?? Well, there is my first conundrum. Does the me with three even make sense anymore??

Who are my three?? Even though this is not about them, it is very important that you know them. Husband. Love of my life. High school sweetheart. Soul mate. We are best friends. Very little upsets us, but lots makes us laugh. That is a very comforting thought. That little upsets us, but lots make us laugh. Silly things make us laugh. Although we my argue, it is never over anything serious. I can remember 5 things that made us laugh last night, but nothing that made us angry recently. Amazing Dad. 

Amazing Dad to our two daughters. Our supernova and our cheeky monkey. Blonde haired, blue eyed babes. So alike, but already, with 20mths between them, so different. Cheeky, dramatic and vibrant...Gregarious even. Miss 2 astounds me everyday!  She much. So much laughter. So much happiness. So much tears. So much joy. She can be a handful, as most 2yrs are, but i wouldn't want her to be anything else. She is the best of us. And too, the worst of us somedays.

Enter Miss E. The best of us and the worst once again (although we are yet to see it). She is 6 1/2mths and my oh my that has gone quickly! I second guessed myself the whole way through my pregnancy with her and even up until she was 14wksold. But why? She is perfect. Eyes only for her sister...tracking the older version around the room as I try to feed her! All smiles and giggling. Miss E will be the one who gives them away when they get up to mischief. She wakes me up with raspberries and goo-gling. Bliss. Perhaps the more placid of the two, but no doubt her own person.

So already, Me with Three is a more complete person. How on earth i could love anyone or thing more than my three, i have no idea. But I am definitely full of love. What is it? Loved up and Blissed out ;) The Me with Three most certainly is!

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  1. You are a fab mummy and a wonderful friend, Abbey! Your girls are such a ray of sunshine, I think of them and smile. I love hanging our with you guys and I am loving your blog! xo


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