Friday, November 5, 2010

Reliability = Warmth

Well, for this blogger it sure does. Today I have relied more on my three than they have on me.

It began this morning when Miss S decided she was going to potter into our room very early (well not really very early, 6.15am. Early for us!). This is not accepted in our house. My husband loves it when they want to get into bed because he leaves for work early and it is his cuddle, you can have your cuggle time, but make sure you don't wake me up! Not this morning though. Miss S comes up to my side of the bed, dummy in mouth, breathing through her nose just staring at me. I can feel her wanting me to wake, i can hear her brain having the "do i wake her? but I'm not allowed to wake her. Go ahead, once she's awake, she's awake" conversation. With all my might i keep my eyes closed. Next i hear her shuffle over to his side. I am relying on him to pick her up and "cuggle" on his side. I can always rely on him. Thankyou honey. I managed to keep my eyes closed for an extra 15mins.

Then Miss E decided it was awake time. Once again too early, and so once again, i rely on my beloved to get her up and bring her too me. And i say he never does anything for me. Do these things count? Of course they do but not when i use that sentence in an argument "YOU NEVER DO ANYTHING FOR ME" kind of way. And so off he goes to work to make money so i can stay at home with our girls. I'm such a lucky lady.

Then I begin relying on the girls. I rely on Miss S to eat her breakfast quickly and help me with the cupcakes. I rely on her to behave while i plait her hair (Human Barbie doll!) I rely on Miss E to hold of getting squawky until after we are in the car (had our weekly play date this morning. Morning tea for me cleverly disguised as a play date for them cos there are other children and toys there). I expect them to be well behaved, within reason. I rely on Miss E sleeping when i put her down. And Miss S for that matter.

So, I may think that i do everything for them, (and yes unlike other mammals, human children are much more dependent on their parents) but sometimes I have to remind myself that i expect a lot of them and i rely on them just as much. While I rely on my hubby to "bring home the bacon", he relies on me to make sure the girls are "clean and shiny" (cleanliness of the house is another story). It is a wonderful, mutual agreement that is based on respect. As Miss S gets older too, i am going to rely and expect more and more of her....and too Miss E. Reminding myself daily that they are children, and children only get one childhood.

It's a sobering thought to go through and remember who you relied on this day and a warming thought to think about who relied on you.

Who did you rely on today?

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