Thursday, December 1, 2011

Excuses, Excuses....

HA! So I have an excuse, a reason at the moment to be neglecting you! In fact, I have a few excuses reasons....Nah-na-ni-nah-nah!! Is that terrible? That I have to look for reasons to be not writing here?? I really do figure that you are all not really interested, then I have a few good friends explain that I have to keep writing here and that they really enjoy reading. For the rest of you, just skim read and you'll get the drift.

Soooo, ummmm, do you want to know my reasons??

Of course you do!

Firstly, and probably most importantly,  my three and I have been building a house. A big, happy, bright, party house! Have been going for over a year (probably about 18mths if you include all of the planning) and it is nearly finished. So nearly finished that I have been able to choose carpet and paint and tiles. So close to finished that you can walk through when it is raining and not get wet. So almost there that I wake up stressing about decisions that we haven't made that needed to be made yesterday!! HURRAH!! And because of this exhilarating move, there is a shed load of packing to be done (not really a "shed" load, more like a house and single garage load, but you get the picture...). When I'm not packing, I'm....

Trying desperately to discipline my now, 3 year old Miss S (Can you believe it!!) and, oh my goodness, Miss E....19mths!!! Hooley dooley!! I know that I did promise you waaaaay back in the beginning that this was not going to be a mummy blog, and I apologise for this little sentence, but these children (note the distance I am putting between myself and them...THESE not My, or Our. Lack of ownership!!) are really pushing every button! I love them so much and they are so incredibly funny: Miss S trying constantly to get Miss E to dress up like a princess, and Miss E trying desperately to be everything Miss S already is. They make My beloved and I laugh so often. it really does make the bad stuff melt away. Alas, yes, there is the bad stuff. No wonder I am way more chilled out in my daily dealings. I am so used to being constantly talked at, poked, argued with, snotted on or simply not listened too, that when something seems somewhat difficult in the real world, it is simply a piece of cake (hhhhhmmm cake....)

Which leads me to another excuse reason for ignoring you lately. I am once again trying to get back to looking something like I did on my wedding day, oh ok, something like I did before I had Miss S. And this time it WILL happen. So countless hours at the gym or walking for me. It is not a chore though, I love it. As I mentioned in another previous post (really pushing the past posts today, aren't I), I am an active person. I really enjoy sweating and working hard. Today for example, the girls went to the gym creche (GODSEND!!) for two hours, while I ran for 35 mins and then Pump'ed...Goodbye 1025 calories! My Achilles heel is the delicious food and  effervescent bubbles I associate with socialising. When I'm at home I can avoid the temptation of soft cheese and dips, or the fun, fruity flavours of a Cosmopolitan done really well. However, now that Summer is nearly mine (even though it is summer, it's still not sunny, and Summer doesn't really start until school breaks up) and I get to see my bestie, I automatically think: Cocktail (Cosmo, Mojito, Margherita, Bellini) with a cheeky nacho plate, squeaky cheese and chorizo*! So, unfortunately, the healthy eating (I hate the "D" word with a passion) goes out the window.  Ergo, because I am so popular, I tend to be good during the week, like really good, but fall waaaaay behind on the weekends (Don't tell Santa!!) At the moment though, its not really an issue, because....

I HAVE STARTED A BACHELOR DEGREE!!!!! YAY ME!!!! I am so super excited!! After you have read all of those other excuses reasons, you have come to the real reason why I have been MIA. Just a BA, at this stage (wink wink). I am doing only two subjects this study period. One is about learning and learning behaviours. So interesting. And the other is a creative and professional writing subject. Lucky you! I don't know what I plan on doing with said BA, but I believe I owe it to myself to learn more (and I don't want to be the only one in my family without letters behind my name {my dad virtually has an alphabet behind his}, plus I want to wear one of those funky gowns and mortar boards and throw it up like they do in daggy American movies!!! Do you do that??) and now I am ready. Poor Real Housewives recorded on IQ have been neglected for lecture notes and readings: "Finding Stories Meant For You" and "Thinking About Learning".

So, faithful followers, I thank you once more for being patient with me. I may call on you for inspiration and critique in the coming months (not now Cameron!!) so please be as gentle...and forgiving, as you always are.

*What does it say about me that with all my calorie counting, I have worked out that a Vodka tonic, with diet Tonic, is 71 calories?? Cheers!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

If you could, what would you go back and do again? I have a few things. I wouldn't completely re-do them, but just "tweak" certain things. There are a hell of lot of things that I did bloody well the first time and hence wouldn't re -do (my children and husband for one!), but I'm not perfect and I have a little list of things that I would "alter". I am a little un-easy bringing this up and so I need for you to understand: I have enjoyed every minute of my life to date, even the not so good stuff. I post this topic cos I know that I can't turn back time and change things. I'm not even wishing for that. I am just saying, that through hindsight, I have identified areas that could have been improved on/ taken more time with/ or omitted altogether. Ca'peche?? Good...lets do it.

I'm sorry to say, the first thing that I would "go back and change" would have to be photos from our wedding. I loved the bulk of them. I looked beautiful (modest much?), Beloved was handsome, my bridesmaids were radiant etc. and the actual day was perfect. We just don't have enough photos of the two of us. Actually, I think we have two decent ones and that is it. No ones fault, just, just the way it is. So brides to be who are reading this: TAKE MORE PHOTOS OF YOU AND YOUR NEW HUSBAND! It bothers me. Especially when i look through friends albums and see the many happy memories of the two of them. It has been on my mind since May 2005. Anyway.....

Next would be school. I would work so much harder. I am quite intelligent (what was that about being modest??) and yet, alas, i was the one who had the "would improve her results if she applied herself" written at the bottom of her reports each semester. The teachers liked me, but i think i drove them batty with my lack of work and "drive". I spent way too much time trying to think of reasons to skip classes than actually going. Actually makes me really mad at my 16 year old self! I would go back and do that again...from about year 10.

Multiple drunken fights and arguments with my beloved, best friends and total strangers. OMIT!! Waste of time, waste of breathe and all round waste of what probably was a fantastic night!

As most of you know, I am incredibly outspoken. I need a filter to stop things coming out of my mouth. I just don't think before I speak. I am sure that I have hurt, upset, annoyed, irritated many people. I would definitely take back anything that has caused anyone upset (even if it was totally warranted and true!!!) or at least sugar coat it a little better. I like to think as I am getting older, it gets better, but alas, I think I may be wrong.  

PUTTING ON SOOO MUCH WEIGHT when i was pregnant with Miss S....DEFINITE do over and DEFINITE do differently!!! That nine months of slacking off, physically and diet wise, whilst it was wonderful,  has really made the last few years tricky. The amount of time i have dressed, and then re-dressed, stressed about my weight/how i look...ridiculous. On the up side, it has meant that this year has been a year for me to focus on my fitness and health (diet is still a bit tricky !!) and i feel great. I may not be there yet, but I am on the right road.

These things are quite trivial, but it does make you think. So I ask you again, is there anything you would "re-do"?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ah-ha.... Copycat?

Okay.....I'm a dirty copycat! A few of the blogs that I follow ( Tales of a Tai Tai  for example) have done this post. I really enjoyed it so I thought I would follow suit.  Hope you enjoy mine too. Now....

50 Random Facts about Me
  1. I had my ears pierced at 26. I wasn't scared, I just never got around to it.
  2. I love, love, love Reality TV. Amazing Race, Survivor, Top Model, Real Housewives of everywhere! Love it!
  3. I won a State Sprint Rowing Championship when I was 15. Only over 500m, but I have the certificate and medal to show for it
  4. I hate cooking. My husband cooks most nights. I will cook things for the girls, but I hate the idea of cooking dinner. Revise this: I hate cooking Savoury things. I do sweet, and I do sweet well.
  5. I love entertaining though. I will plan the menu and set the table, but just not cook the food!
  6. I loved being pregnant
  7. I really enjoyed my labours (I'm sure I wasn't thinking that at the time!!). I was lucky enough to have two pretty straight forward, natural deliveries.
  8. Despite being overweight, I love pump classes and have just found running. My short term goal is 5k without stopping. I am actually quite active. Clearly food is my weakness.
  9. I hate saying no to party invitations. I think this is because I hate knowing that people will be having fun and I wont be there.
  10. I cried at the end of Toy Story 3. When Andy leaves the toys with the Bonnie. SO sad!!!
  11. I dont really have a favourite band/singer/music style. If I am cleaning, I like old stuff (70's, 80's) if I am BBQing, Minisrty ChillOut albums. If I am exercising, Doof Doof.
  12. I wish I had done teaching or nursing at Uni. I wish I had just known what I wanted to be when I had to make the decision
  13. I have a thing about leaving the house with a made bed, washing done and dishwasher on, clean counter and toys away. Just in case we get broken into.
  14. I am a Twi-Hard. I love The Twilight Saga. Team Edward!
  15. I read. I love to read. I don't read enough. Love a good historical drama (Tommo and Hawk, New York, Kane and Abel.)
  16. I have so much Deja'vu. My theory is that it is situations of a past life. People who have very little or no deja'vu are new to their current life and those, like me, who have it often, have been in their life before (I know, weird...Don't judge)
  17. I am really looking forward to turning 30
  18. My first overseas trip was to New Zealand in 2002. I went skiing with two was also my first time skiing.
  19. I knew that I would marry my husband as soon as I met him. Another deja'vu moment?
  20. I am not a mathematician. 0-20 percentile band for 2 unit maths in my HSC. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the HSC - That was NOT GOOD! I am terrible at basic maths as well...times tables? Whats that? 
  21. I judge you when you use poor grammar. You are = You're, Have Not = Haven't, and for god is YOU not YOUSE!!!!!!
  22. I spent most of age 5 to age 10 on a boat. We owned two yachts over that period and I really didn't appreciate them as much as I should've.
  23. Give me a dinner or BBQ at a friends place over a bar or pub. Sorry. I just dont enjoy having to wait for the bathroom or not getting a seat.
  24. Against all good advice and words of warning from those who have done it before, my husband and i are demolishing and re-building our family home *Gulp* Oh yeah, and the builder said it will only take 26wks right??
  25. I have never broken a bone. I broke my nose and dislocated my finger when I fell over in NY, but no arm or leg or toe.
  26. I love Barbies. Between my sister and I we had 21. I still love Barbie. I got one for my birthday this year in actual fact. Poor Miss S and Miss E, they will have Barbie whether they like it or not!
  27. Lasgane. My favourite meal would have to be Lasagne. And my lasgane at that. Exotic hey!
  28. I hate coffee! Blurgh....The smell, the taste. I wish I did though, because it seems like it is really enjoyable. I have only just started drinking tea. I used to just not like hot drinks.
  29. I have only ever lived with my parents and my husband, never with friends. Actually, I have never rented a house. We bought our first home before we got married and I moved in just after.
  30. I don't wear perfume. I try to, but it gives me a headache.
  31. Like a lot of women, I have too many clothes and only wear 1/3 of them. Some of them are my "skinny" clothes (which I haven't worn since before Miss S) and some are my fat clothes (which I am happy to say I haven't worn since just after Miss E was born). 
  32. I'm a Gin & Tonic gal. Champagne when I am out with the ladies, but a G&T after 5pm at home (not every night!) really hits the spot.
  33. My wonderful girlfriends and I try to orgainise "Ladies Lunch" as often as possible (which is getting harder). Good food and drinks with lovely company. A chance to dress up and talk crap. So lovely.
  34. I love dressing up. Always have. I hate that we don't have enough opportunity to dress up nowadays. I would love to have been able to wear hats and gloves and skirts with cinched in waists and stockings (maybe not when it is as hot as it is now). Dressing up for a day in the city or for morning tea like my grandmothers used to do.
  35. I would love to do a creative writing class or something similar.
  36. Dream Holiday? hhhhhhhmmmmmm....Tropical island somewhere. Over water bungalow, crystal clear water, butler, good book and my family (they can only come if they behave themselves the whole time and there is no whinging).
  37. I enjoy watching sport: Cricket, Rugby (Union, NOT LEAGUE!!) AFL. I am even not that bad with the rules.
  38. I actually cope quiet well on very little sleep...until it goes on for too long!! I find it impossible to sleep during the day. WHat do they say: Live while you're alive, sleep when you're dead. That being said, I love my bed. Our first major "married" purchase. So good!!
  39. As you may already know, I am incredibly indecisive! It is so frustrating for me and for people around me. It is something that I am working on for 2011.
  40. I have a strange obsession with Sharks? Bizarre i know. I used o borrow all the shark books from the library and I have the complete set of Jaws movies. Shark Week on The Discovery channel is the best week of my year! I dont think i would ever swim with them as I am absolutely terrified, but they really are fascinating....especially the Great White Sharks that breach in South Africa.
  41. I love storms. There was a moderate sized "cyclone" that hit suburbia when I was little. The sky was green, the wind was so noisy I couldn't hear myself scream. It was terrifying, but beautiful all the same. My Pa taught me about thunder and lightning and I am looking forward to teaching Miss S and Miss E to count between the thunder claps and lighting strikes.
  42. I love old movies: Brigadoon, the Red Ballet Shoes, Gigi, Daddy Long Legs, My Fair Lady...and the list goes on! My mum used to encourage me to sit up and watch them with her and I am so pleased she did. And I will do the same with my girls.
  43. I did Ballet for 5 years. And I was good (If I do say so myself). I wanted to keep going but my ballet teacher said I had too short a neck to be any good...Nice, Mrs Callaghan!
  44. I tend to start a lot of thing, but never finish them. This is another thing I am working on in 2011.
  45. I'm aiming to loose 15 kgs (at least) for my 30th birthday at the end of the year
  46. I prefer to give presents than receive. I have always had that inkling, but Christmas this year really brought it home. Don't get m wrong, I love presents, but seeing the look on someones face when they open something that you have given them warms my heart.
  47. I like nice things. Call me materialistic, call me a label snob. I don't care. I like nice things.
  48. This is the life that I dreamed of. The only difference would be that everyone would have what they wanted.
  49. Despite working in retail for 10 years, I have no idea about fashion or accessorising. Horrible waste of time that was hey! 
  50. I am terrible at answering calls, returning calls and keeping in touch (as I'm sure some of friends will agree with). I do try, but believe it or not, I am busy too!
I'm actually not going to read over this list. Sorry if I have repeated myself. I encourage everyone to make a similar's very enlightening.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The one about Encouragement....

I'm sure a lot of mums, stay at home and working, will no doubt agree with this one: Motherhood is a very rewarding, yet seldom rewarded, job (don't worry, I'm not going down the slippery slope of "Stay at home mum vs working mum" or even "woe is me, stay at home mum is under appreciated", so you can all keep reading). I have never worked in the "corporate" world and only towards the end of my illustrious retail career did we have formal written appraisals. So today I  am thinking: What if  I had an appraisal for my current role of at home mum. A role I rather arrogantly like to refer to as "GM of the House (all encompassing)". Of course it would come down to those in charge of scoring me. Let me go through my "superiors/bosses/management team" (whatever they are called nowadays) and the daily feedback I get from them.

My Husband: He gives me praise and pats me on the back often. Whenever he remembers to do so, which is often after i have pointed out x, y or z that i have done. He does however give me a bad report if I a)spend too much, b) spend too much. Maybe he should comment "further training in budget control needed" after his tsk-ing and actually follow through with his training? Oops...Not telling you how to do you job honey xx

Miss S: I really do get more complaints and tantrums from her than I do praise. As I'm  sure (please) many mums of two and bit year olds do. She is the toughest critic. Not liking what I put out for her to wear to complaining about me taking to long ANYWHERE. This all means diddly squat mind you because often, at least once daily, I get the best reward:  "mum, guess what? I love you".

Miss E: Don't let her small size and young age fool you. Miss E is up there with Miss S. She doesn't even need to use words for me to know that she is unhappy with things, just a "BAAAAAAA" and I am back on track and working up to her high standards again. She has a very interesting management approach though. As quickly as something displeases her ("BAAAAAAA"), something pleases her and she is all smiles and giggles and love. She is tricky!

Oh my goodness! Did you see that they are the only people who are allowed to judge me in my role?! Did you notice that I didn't add the disapproving women in the supermarket who think Miss S should be on a leash - better still- in a cage? Or the other mothers in the park who believe that Miss E should be crawling, walking, doing cartwheels and juggling? I noticed. And it made me feel good. I love my family's encouragement and I absolutely relish their praise.

On a side note (somewhat relevant to the topic), there has been a lot of jibing since my little project* began. Mostly in jest. Actually, all of it for a laugh and i Have a very thick skin. I'm not sure what I expected. I never really thought about what I was going to write or the consequence of writing in such a public arena. I just sort of started writing. 

My husband for one has been flitting around, asking with a childish giggle (that only he can do)  "would you with two like dinner/to go out/go to bed etc hehehehe" (Oh, look, he is a poet and he didn't know it!!) *insert rolling eyes here*. I have the well meaning moron who tries to make up his own version like "Me with Tree" (HAHA! That one was last night and after he said it, he very sheepishly said that in actual fact he really enjoyed reading this. Thankyou xx) and I have one certain follower  who is so keen on being included and blogged about that he insists on saying appropriate things just so I will bitch and moan about how inappropriate he is (he isn't at all mind you...a more selfless gentleman i am yet to meet). Then there are some people who I know would have read it, but clearly just think this is all just Me dribble and hence don't comment (fine by the way, you are dead right. Definitely Me dribble).

I am pleased I make some people laugh, some nod there head and some roll their eyes. Praise all the same. Encouragement. Again, a part of me that has not changed. I loved praise as a me and I love praise with (and from) my three.

*just for the record, i am no longer calling this a blog. It really doesn't sit well with me and it's not even "technically" a blog. I don't want to upset any real "bloggers" out there (as if they are reading!!) Some people paint. Some people sew. This is my creative outlet.  A real blog has pictures and photos and inspirational quotes etc. Even though you mostly know who i am, i like the anonymity that i have tried to create. So from now on "Me with Three will be known as a: project; Creative outlet; insight; thought process etc etc you get the idea.