Thursday, December 1, 2011

Excuses, Excuses....

HA! So I have an excuse, a reason at the moment to be neglecting you! In fact, I have a few excuses reasons....Nah-na-ni-nah-nah!! Is that terrible? That I have to look for reasons to be not writing here?? I really do figure that you are all not really interested, then I have a few good friends explain that I have to keep writing here and that they really enjoy reading. For the rest of you, just skim read and you'll get the drift.

Soooo, ummmm, do you want to know my reasons??

Of course you do!

Firstly, and probably most importantly,  my three and I have been building a house. A big, happy, bright, party house! Have been going for over a year (probably about 18mths if you include all of the planning) and it is nearly finished. So nearly finished that I have been able to choose carpet and paint and tiles. So close to finished that you can walk through when it is raining and not get wet. So almost there that I wake up stressing about decisions that we haven't made that needed to be made yesterday!! HURRAH!! And because of this exhilarating move, there is a shed load of packing to be done (not really a "shed" load, more like a house and single garage load, but you get the picture...). When I'm not packing, I'm....

Trying desperately to discipline my now, 3 year old Miss S (Can you believe it!!) and, oh my goodness, Miss E....19mths!!! Hooley dooley!! I know that I did promise you waaaaay back in the beginning that this was not going to be a mummy blog, and I apologise for this little sentence, but these children (note the distance I am putting between myself and them...THESE not My, or Our. Lack of ownership!!) are really pushing every button! I love them so much and they are so incredibly funny: Miss S trying constantly to get Miss E to dress up like a princess, and Miss E trying desperately to be everything Miss S already is. They make My beloved and I laugh so often. it really does make the bad stuff melt away. Alas, yes, there is the bad stuff. No wonder I am way more chilled out in my daily dealings. I am so used to being constantly talked at, poked, argued with, snotted on or simply not listened too, that when something seems somewhat difficult in the real world, it is simply a piece of cake (hhhhhmmm cake....)

Which leads me to another excuse reason for ignoring you lately. I am once again trying to get back to looking something like I did on my wedding day, oh ok, something like I did before I had Miss S. And this time it WILL happen. So countless hours at the gym or walking for me. It is not a chore though, I love it. As I mentioned in another previous post (really pushing the past posts today, aren't I), I am an active person. I really enjoy sweating and working hard. Today for example, the girls went to the gym creche (GODSEND!!) for two hours, while I ran for 35 mins and then Pump'ed...Goodbye 1025 calories! My Achilles heel is the delicious food and  effervescent bubbles I associate with socialising. When I'm at home I can avoid the temptation of soft cheese and dips, or the fun, fruity flavours of a Cosmopolitan done really well. However, now that Summer is nearly mine (even though it is summer, it's still not sunny, and Summer doesn't really start until school breaks up) and I get to see my bestie, I automatically think: Cocktail (Cosmo, Mojito, Margherita, Bellini) with a cheeky nacho plate, squeaky cheese and chorizo*! So, unfortunately, the healthy eating (I hate the "D" word with a passion) goes out the window.  Ergo, because I am so popular, I tend to be good during the week, like really good, but fall waaaaay behind on the weekends (Don't tell Santa!!) At the moment though, its not really an issue, because....

I HAVE STARTED A BACHELOR DEGREE!!!!! YAY ME!!!! I am so super excited!! After you have read all of those other excuses reasons, you have come to the real reason why I have been MIA. Just a BA, at this stage (wink wink). I am doing only two subjects this study period. One is about learning and learning behaviours. So interesting. And the other is a creative and professional writing subject. Lucky you! I don't know what I plan on doing with said BA, but I believe I owe it to myself to learn more (and I don't want to be the only one in my family without letters behind my name {my dad virtually has an alphabet behind his}, plus I want to wear one of those funky gowns and mortar boards and throw it up like they do in daggy American movies!!! Do you do that??) and now I am ready. Poor Real Housewives recorded on IQ have been neglected for lecture notes and readings: "Finding Stories Meant For You" and "Thinking About Learning".

So, faithful followers, I thank you once more for being patient with me. I may call on you for inspiration and critique in the coming months (not now Cameron!!) so please be as gentle...and forgiving, as you always are.

*What does it say about me that with all my calorie counting, I have worked out that a Vodka tonic, with diet Tonic, is 71 calories?? Cheers!!

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