Monday, September 26, 2011

If you could, what would you go back and do again? I have a few things. I wouldn't completely re-do them, but just "tweak" certain things. There are a hell of lot of things that I did bloody well the first time and hence wouldn't re -do (my children and husband for one!), but I'm not perfect and I have a little list of things that I would "alter". I am a little un-easy bringing this up and so I need for you to understand: I have enjoyed every minute of my life to date, even the not so good stuff. I post this topic cos I know that I can't turn back time and change things. I'm not even wishing for that. I am just saying, that through hindsight, I have identified areas that could have been improved on/ taken more time with/ or omitted altogether. Ca'peche?? Good...lets do it.

I'm sorry to say, the first thing that I would "go back and change" would have to be photos from our wedding. I loved the bulk of them. I looked beautiful (modest much?), Beloved was handsome, my bridesmaids were radiant etc. and the actual day was perfect. We just don't have enough photos of the two of us. Actually, I think we have two decent ones and that is it. No ones fault, just, just the way it is. So brides to be who are reading this: TAKE MORE PHOTOS OF YOU AND YOUR NEW HUSBAND! It bothers me. Especially when i look through friends albums and see the many happy memories of the two of them. It has been on my mind since May 2005. Anyway.....

Next would be school. I would work so much harder. I am quite intelligent (what was that about being modest??) and yet, alas, i was the one who had the "would improve her results if she applied herself" written at the bottom of her reports each semester. The teachers liked me, but i think i drove them batty with my lack of work and "drive". I spent way too much time trying to think of reasons to skip classes than actually going. Actually makes me really mad at my 16 year old self! I would go back and do that again...from about year 10.

Multiple drunken fights and arguments with my beloved, best friends and total strangers. OMIT!! Waste of time, waste of breathe and all round waste of what probably was a fantastic night!

As most of you know, I am incredibly outspoken. I need a filter to stop things coming out of my mouth. I just don't think before I speak. I am sure that I have hurt, upset, annoyed, irritated many people. I would definitely take back anything that has caused anyone upset (even if it was totally warranted and true!!!) or at least sugar coat it a little better. I like to think as I am getting older, it gets better, but alas, I think I may be wrong.  

PUTTING ON SOOO MUCH WEIGHT when i was pregnant with Miss S....DEFINITE do over and DEFINITE do differently!!! That nine months of slacking off, physically and diet wise, whilst it was wonderful,  has really made the last few years tricky. The amount of time i have dressed, and then re-dressed, stressed about my weight/how i look...ridiculous. On the up side, it has meant that this year has been a year for me to focus on my fitness and health (diet is still a bit tricky !!) and i feel great. I may not be there yet, but I am on the right road.

These things are quite trivial, but it does make you think. So I ask you again, is there anything you would "re-do"?

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  1. Welcome back!!! I was wondering when/if you'd post again. And great post too. There are definitely things I'd do differently not be such a slapper and kiss so many boys when I was young, think differently about career options, stand up to people who made me feel bad about myself. But hindsight is just that. Hindsight. And you wouldn't be the great mum you are today if you hadn't been through all that "character building" stuff! So go easy on yourself x


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