Thursday, November 4, 2010

Me and Shopping

This is definitely something that i do differently now!! As a me, I would spend a good part of my income on ME. Something that my beloved can attest to. It used to drive him bonkers! the extent to which i had no idea, until recently when I emptied my wardrobe and found barely worn pieces that i vividly remember buying just because I "didn't like what i was wearing today". My goodness. I loved it! I also used to love the shopping experience. Driving to the shops, trying to formulate a plan of attack, finding the best parking spot without being lazy in parking too close. Then the actual event. Browsing once, twice even three times over the beautiful silk, or somewhat embellished pieces without caring for a second about the washing instructions (Who cares, I have time to hand wash/money to spend on drycleaning/as if they will get dirty anyway). Then taking armfuls to the fitting room, taking on and off the same item three times in indecisiveness. Having so much time to do so. Finding three things that fit and then gleefully making the trek to the counter. Bliss......
Now, we all know that the me with three is not going to have it as wonderful as this. Apart from anything, it just is not fair to make my two year old and my 6 mth old sit in traffic to find a park, sit in the pram while i balance my way down or up an escalator (why are lifts always full of people who don't need to use them?!) then sit in a pokey change room while i try on a few pieces that don't look like they should. new shopping is of the online variety! Of course there is the obvious benefits of timing (i can shop when the girls are asleep, while dinner is being made, while...when anytime really), and the variety of stores (my latest craze is, there is also the Surprise. The Just Me used to love the adventure, the Me Plus loves the element of Surprise. Something looks good online, you buy it (along with a few other things) wait, wait and wait. Then, when you are least expecting your door! How good is that?! And then the anticipation. Does it fit? Does it look good? Will the i get a tick of approval from him? I get excited just thinking about my next purchases to arrive. I guess the me with three thinks everything is exciting now. I tend to look at the world through the eyes of a two year old.....shouldn't we all? Ooooohhh, a new topic of discussion awaits.

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  1. Are you going to thank me in your biography for introducing you to HopShopGo?!? PS bought a Marc Jacobs wallet two weeks ago.. Very Nice!

    Love the blog!
    Han. X


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